Demystifying Data Management Plans

A data management plan (DMP) is a document detailing what data will be collected by a project or institution, and how it will be collected, processed, described, preserved, shared, and potentially re-used.

In short, it is a document planning the data management activities that will apply to the data collected in a specified context, which is critical to ensure that the necessary resources (human and financial) are allocated to those activities.

DMPs are now commonly required by science funding agencies in the US and EU as part of grant applications, which means that researchers from all domains have to become used to preparing such documents.


Demystifying Data Management Plans is a one-hour lecture dissecting the typical structure of a DMP (according to the RDA's common DMP model), overviewing the key concerns that researchers should have when filling a DMP, and demonstrating how to prepare a DMP for a mock research project (under the common DMP model).