Introduction to Data Management Plans

Introduction to Data Management Plans is an introductory course aiming at disseminating Data Management best practices and teaching the basics of making and using Data Management Plans (DMP) in the context of research activities.

The course is available in two modalities:

  • two hour lecture with discussions
  • full day hands-on course with a group exercise

In both modalities, the course features two introductory lectures on Research Data Management and DMPs.

In the hands-on modality, this is followed by a hands-on DMP exercise where participants will form groups to fill in a DMP for a mock research project on our custom canvas

In the lecture modality, the exercise is replaced by a short demonstration of preparing a DMP.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering both modalities in a distance learning paradigm, as a live online courses through Zoom. The hands-on group exercise is carried out using Zoom breakout rooms where participants collaboratively fill in the DMP in a Google spreadsheet template.



Advanced Data Management Plans

"Ready for BioData Management? - Advanced Data Management Plans" is a one-day hands-on course where participants will be guided through the process of preparing a real DMP for a real research project, according to the H2020 DMP template.

The course assumes participants have basic notions of DMPs. It will feature a lecture introducing the DMPOnline platform that the participants will be using, and another lecture overviewing the H2020 DMP template, but the majority of the course will be a hands-on session where participants prepare a DMP in the platform, in pairs.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own research project or project plan, in the interest of producing a DMP that is relevant for them.


Materials for the DMP courses can be accessed on our GitHub.



Training Data Stewards for Life Sciences | ELIXIR Portugal, in collaboration with several other organizations has designed a program to train the first generation of Data Stewards for the life sciences, to support the implementation of data management, open science and FAIR data principles in Portuguese R&I organizations. It will unfold from February to November 2022, allowing trainees to get some practice and consolidate the acquired knowledge. It will comprise an introductory module covering the basic concepts of Data Stewardship followed by two assignments and end with a hands-on course for knowledge consolidation.


After this program, trainees will be able to make significant contribution in:

- Writing data management plans in support to grant applications

- Ensuring continuity and sharing of data over projects

- Ensuring data quality

- Supporting the elaboration of institutional data management guidelines

- Supporting compliance with institution data management policy

- Contributing to knowledge exchange with regard to data management

Although this program was tailored to the needs of Portuguese R&I organizations, applications from other countries are very welcome.


Link for application

Training program brochure

Reading Materials


Materials for Training Data Stewards for Life Sciences are available in Zenodo:



Day 2 Day Data Management Course

This is a one-day, introductory, hands-on course aimed at Life Sciences researchers (with at least PhD frequency level) and lab managers.

It focuses on the day-to-day data management aspects of research activities, like planning, annotation, deposit, aiming to empower researchers and lab managers to improve the efficiency of data management throughout the life cycle of the data and enable reproducibility and reusability.

The course features an introduction to topics such as The FAIR Principles and Open Science best practices, Data Management Plans, metadata standard and ontologies, an overview of online data management resources, and practical components centred on data documentation using Electronic Lab Notebooks and data sharing using DataVerse.

If you would like to host such a course, please contact us by email via info[at], using Ready for BioData Management Course as a Subject.


Reading Materials


Training Materials