Having trouble managing the biological data of your institution, laboratory, project or thesis?

Join us at the "Ready for BioData Management?" event. Learn the what, the how and the why of data management and how it can add value to your research. Participate in a group simulation of a data management plan and let us know how did you see its fitness and pitfalls in your area of work.


This activity was conceived to guide you through the importance of good data management for the success of your scientific endeavours at the institutional, group or individual level.

Making the data produced in Biological and Health research Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable improves the return of public and private investment in Science. Furthermore, these four criteria are becoming additional KPIs to measure the impact of your deliverables.


You will have the opportunity to listen to showcases by Heads of R&I Institutions and discuss your concerns towards the implementation of an effective data management strategy.

You will be challenged with a hypothetical research project for which you will elaborate a Data Management Plan and tell us of the difficulties and pitfalls you identified in this process.




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